Use and Care

Important Instructions

The unique enamel finishing is hard to scratch and has a durable healthy cooking surface resistant to acid and alkali. Like glass, the enamel does not dispel unhealthy cookware substances or metallic flavours to your food. Manufactured under superior Japanese craftsmanship, the enamel cookware is assured of lasting quality and performance.This cookware is for general household use. Before using this product please read this guide for its proper use and care.

Use & Care 

  • Please check to ensure that all handles and knobs are fixed securely and tightened
  • Remove any labels or stickers that may be affixed to the cookware
  • Wash the cookware thoroughly with hot soapy water to remove any manufacturing residue that may remain on the surface. Rinse and dry
  • Do not attempt to use this product if it appears to be damaged
  • Select low to medium heat for best results. Please match cookware to the size of your heat source. In order to prevent energy loss and overheating of the handles, adjust the burners so that the flames do not extend to the sides of the cookware
  • To prevent cracking/warping, let the cookware cool down before contacting it with cold water before cleaning
  • Use a sponge or towel with soapy water when cleaning
  • Do not use abrasive scouring powders, pads or steel wools when cleaning the cookware as this may damage/erode the enamel coating
  • To remove stubborn food residues, soak the cookware before cleaning and scrub with nylon scouring pad if necessary. Rinse well. Repeat if necessary
  • Dry cookware thoroughly after washing. Do not leave the cookware to drain or put away whilst still damp
  • Where cookware has a stainless steel rim, prolonged exposure to water should be avoided, as water may penetrate the edge causing rust to form on the inner side
  • Use only wooden, nylon or silicon tools to avoid scratching on the enamel surface


  • Do not preheat/dry heat the cookware or place it over heat when empty 
  • Do not try to repair damaged cookware
  • Do not use the cookware in microwave oven
  • Do not drop or cause any strong impact to the cookware. The enamel coating is made of Glass/Porcelain material which can crack or chip
  • Do not fill the cookware to the brim. The maximum limit to fill the cookware should be about 60-70% of its capacity
  • Handles and knobs may get hot during cooking. Always use potholders.
  • Place hot cookware on heat-resistant surfaces

Happy Cooking! For any other queries, please mail us here.