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Ash Pink Cocotte 15cm (1.2 Liters)

Ash Pink Cocotte 15cm (1.2 Liters)

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Fujihoro Cook and Serve Cocotte are porcelain enameled on steel with two-tone gradient hues which are colorful and color-fast. The product comes with great insulating properties which retain heat and are ideal for low simmering cooking. All Fujihoro Cook and Serve can be used on traditional stove-top and induction.

Material- Porcelain Enameled on Carbon Steel 

Pack Content- 1 Cocotte with Lid (Wooden Knob) 

Capacity- 1.2 Liters

Dimensions- 20.50 cm x 18.00 cm x 12.00 cm (LxWxH)

All Fujihoro products are:

  • Non-Toxic- Free from Lead, Cadmium and other toxic materials
  • Non Reactive- Due to its toughened glass surface it does not react to acidic foods such as tomatoes, vinegar and salt. It can also be used as a storage container for cooked food  
  • Bacteria Free-  Due to its toughened glass coating and non-porous nature it does not absorb any residue from previously cooked food and remains Odor Free, Easy to Clean and Stain Resistant
  • Additionally retains the natural taste and flavors of food being cooked
  • Our casseroles are also Oven Proof sans the lid

This unique product is light-weight, durable, good for all heat sources and perfect for the modern kitchen. These can be transported directly from the kitchen to the table,  re-heated anytime without changing vessels.

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