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Fujihoro India

Ash Pink Whistling Kettle (1.6 Liters)

Ash Pink Whistling Kettle (1.6 Liters)

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Fujihoro Whistling Kettles are meticulously handcrafted with porcelain enamel on a carbon steel base, boasting a stunning two-tone gradient finish that not only adds a splash of vibrant color but also remains vivid and colorfast over time.

These kettles are the epitome of both form and function, not only exuding artisanal craftsmanship but also delivering exceptional performance. The enamel coating inside the vessel is expertly designed to preserve the pure, unaltered taste of water while keeping the original flavors of your tea intact. This makes our kettles an ideal choice for brewing all varieties of tea.

They are compatible with a wide range of heat sources, including induction cook tops, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite beverages with ease. Additionally, the classic whistling feature, a time-honored tradition, signals when your water has reached its boiling point and ensures it stays hot for an extended period, enhancing your tea-drinking experience.

Material- Porcelain Enameled on Carbon Steel 

Pack Content- 1 Whistling Kettle with Lid

Capacity- 1.6 Liters

Product Dimensions- W221 X D170 X H205 mm

Fujihoro products boast a range of remarkable qualities:

Non-Toxic: Our products are entirely free from harmful substances such as Lead, Cadmium, and other toxic materials, ensuring your safety and peace of mind

Non-Reactive: Thanks to their toughened glass surfaces, they do not react with acidic foods like tomatoes, vinegar, and salt. Furthermore, these versatile items can double as storage containers for cooked food

Bacteria-Free: The toughened glass coating and non-porous nature of our products prevent the absorption of any residue from previous food preparation. This ensures they remain Odor-Free, Easy to Clean, and Stain-Resistant, enhancing their overall hygiene

Preservation of Natural Flavors: In addition, our products excel at retaining the natural taste and flavors of the food being prepared, guaranteeing a delightful culinary experience every time

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